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405 Auto Craft – Car Repair in Los Angeles, CA also offers professional brake repair in addition to our collision repairs!

Quality Brake Repair — Guaranteed!

When was the last time you thought about your vehicle’s brakes? If they are doing their job correctly, you probably don’t think much about them at all. Fully-functional brakes respond immediately and the car easily glides to a smooth stop. If that doesn’t sound like your driving experience, it might be time for brake repair at 405 Auto Craft – Car Repair. Spongy brakes that squeal while stopping, or may even be slow to stop the vehicle, are a definite sign of worn out brakes. Don’t delay! Driving without fully-functional brakes can be dangerous! If you start hearing grinding sounds from your brakes, you’ve waited too long and your brakes are in danger of failing. Call our courtesy towing service for immediate roadside assistance. See our team for expert brake repair that exceeds dealership quality. We are the area’s trusted facility for all things auto and also specialize in brake repair to reinvigorate your vehicle’s stopping power.

Our Process

Brake repair at 405 Auto Craft – Car Repair includes the following services:

  • Inspect the braking system.
  • Diagnose problems to ensure accurate repair.
  • Replace broken or worn-out parts, such as the rotors, calipers, hoses, cylinders and/or brake pads.
  • Change or flush brake fluid.

Why go back to the dealership when you can receive the same repairs, but with better quality and care at 405 Auto Craft – Car Repair in Los Angeles, CA?

Our Promise

We put a lot into our services to make them the most convenient solutions for our customers. We start every brake repair with upfront communication on your vehicle’s specific needs, because you should be well-informed on what work your car receives while it is here. Once we are on the same page, we can carry out your brake repair using original equipment from your vehicle’s factory manufacturer. High quality repair can only be conducted by highly trained professionals, so we ensure our staff stays up-to-date with the industry’s best technology and training.

Schedule Your Brake Repair Appointment Today!

405 Auto Craft – Car Repair is your local brake repair specialist in Los Angeles, CA. We make your service easy and convenient, starting with scheduling! While we do welcome walk-in customers, you can also schedule your regular brake service or repair ahead of time. Just call our friendly staff at 323-403-2282 to make your next appointment or use our online scheduling tool. Check one more thing of your to-do list today. Our team of highly trained professionals is ready to perform your vehicle’s brake service. We work on all makes and models and guarantee your complete satisfaction with every repair. Visit us today for expert brake repair!