Wheel Alignment in Los Angeles, CA

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Wheel Alignment in LA

There are a few ways to tell if your car is overdue for wheel alignment. But the only sure way to prevent poor alignment is with regular service at 405 Auto Craft – Car Repair in Los Angeles, CA. Our expert technicians have the tools and technology to inspect and precisely correct tire positioning. Have you noticed your vehicle pulls to either the left or right while you are trying to drive straight? Maybe you have had to replace your tires a lot sooner than you planned for. These are signs of poor wheel alignment and are your best signal to head to the experts. Unfortunately, your vehicle does not have a built-in warning light to indicate when the wheels fall out of alignment, but you can make the right decision for your vehicle based on its performance and behavior. Or, just come to us for help!

Improve Performance & Efficiency!

Improper wheel alignment has a domino effect on your vehicle’s performance and consequently, your driving experience. The first thing to falter is your fuel efficiency. When wheels aren’t positioned according to their manufacturer’s optimal angles, your vehicle can’t travel the way it was intended to. That means higher fuel consumption to get your vehicle going. Another high cost of misaligned wheels is tire replacement. Poor alignment causes rapid and uneven tire wear that could shorten their lifespan by thousands of miles. Frequent tire replacement certainly is not something most drivers budget for, but should you need a new set, we can help with that, too. Quick wheel alignment service is an easy way to protect your vehicle’s performance.

  • Improves Fuel Efficiency
  • Helps Tires Last Longer
  • Improves Safety & Handling
  • Corrects Imperfections
  • Makes Driving Smoother
  • Enhance Driving Experience

Stop By for Your Wheel Alignment!

Has it been awhile since your last visit to the auto shop for maintenance? Did you hit a giant pothole or have a recent accident that may have impacted your wheels? Bad roads and small impacts can cause alignment problems, and even the slightest imperfection can drastically decrease your vehicle’s overall health. 405 Auto Craft – Car Repair is here to help drivers in LA maintain the optimal driving experience with wheel alignment services. Our roadside towing service can help you in an instant! Call 323-403-2282 or use our online scheduling system to make your wheel alignment appointment now! Next time you are in the area, stop by 3521 West Slauson Avenue! Our technicians are on standby for walk-in customers and would be happy to help. Our free shuttle service is ready to get you back on the road and on top of your day, because your vehicle’s service shouldn’t derail your day. We look forward to seeing you!